Available yachts

The yachts.

The yachts we offer you are owned by our own charter company (Peter Kraan) or in maintenance with Peter or trustworthy colleagues.

We offer you a broad choice in sizes and luxury. With our without steering wheel, furling sails etc. We prefer fully equipped yachts with solar energy because our sailing area offers not enough shore power.

For every request we make you an offer that suits YOU. Please tell us your wishes.

Practical Information

Turnaround day is on Saturdays. We advise to use this day for traveling, shopping and getting used to your yacht. There will be a full incheck and briefing. Sunday you can leave the marina, well prepared. Friday afternoon we expect the yachts back in the marina to disembark Saturday at 09.00.

Make sure you have enough experience for the size of yacht you choose. If needed you can also hire a skipper or choose for flotilla.

We wish everybody a relaxed and safe sailing holiday and are here to help you make your choice.

De zeiljachten ten anker in een raft