Yoga & sailing

Yoga sailing weeks.

We love yoga. We are not teachers, but anyone who likes it is welcome to join in on the mornings that we get up early to practise some yoga, t’ai chi or qi gong. Sometimes we invite a yoga teacher to join the flotilla who will give lessons during the whole week. The idea is to do a morning (before the briefing) and evening (before dinner) session on the beach or another convenient spot.



Twice a day there will be a session of 1 hour. They are suitable for beginners and for more experienced yogi’s. In the morning it will be hathayoga, active movements in combination with breathing. In the afternoon it will be yinyoga where you will learn to hold the positions longer. This form of yoga is more relaxing and  good for your connective tissue.

For whom?

Everybody who likes yoga or wants to be introduced to yoga is welcome. You don’t need to be flexibel, thin or in an excellent condition. The exercises are convenient for every body. Also the more experienced yogi’s will enjoy it.

Practical information

  • You can choose for berth charter or just be in the flotilla with your own crew on one of our yachts
  • The yoga fee is 75 euro. Good for 10 lessons of 1 hour.
  • Let us know how many of your crew is interested to join for the yogalessons
  • The yoga teacher will come with a minimum of 4 participants
  • Yogalessons will be ashore.
  • Participation is without obligation. If you feel more like swimming, or you don’t want to get up early in the morning, feel free. It is your holiday!

About the teacher(s)


Suzanne Franken

Suzanne (1974) worked for ISA in 2005 en 2006. Yoga was a hobby since 1994 and in 2012 she started to become a professional. She finished her yinyoga educiation at the “Nieuwe Yogaschool” in Amsterdam. She also followed several Art of Breathing trainings about breating and meditation techniques for more energy en peace in daily life.

 Suus de Jong

Suus de Jong (1972) is a traveling yogateacher en combines her main passions, yoga, sailing and travelling. She was schooled by Johan Noorloos, Anat Geiger en Marcel van de Vis Heil ( The Ashtanga yoga school she started mainly for herself, but soon she found out how much she liked sharing this knowledge and to show others that yoga can be very down to earth.