Sea Sisters Sailing

Sea Sisters Sailing

Join our sailing-retreat, the ‘Sea Sister Sailing’ week in the Ionian, amidst an inspiring group of women.

This sailing holiday is for everybody who identifies herself as woman, for all ages (maidens, mothers, crones) and from all parts of society. We are artists, therapists, sailors, students, travellers, rainbows, housewives, etc. A week where you can connect with your inner female power and nature. Being there for each other, sharing life experiences, struggles, rituals, fun, music and meals.

The yacht can stay for a couple of nights at anchor in remote bays where will be cooked on board. Also there will be some nights in cozy little harbours with Greek taverns and night life ashore.

Sailing from the Greek island Corfu with skipper Janna. You don’t need to have any sailing experience with a berth charter. Take this unique chance to introduce yourself to sea sailing.

Praktical information:

The skippered yacht is a Dufour 36 “Free Life”. It is also possible to rent your own yacht and join the Sea Sister flotilla.

DATES: Skipper Janna is available in august and september 2020. If you have interest in that period for a Sea Sister Sailing week, please let us know and we will organise it.


A berth on board the Dufour 36 costs 800 euro per cabin per week for a shared cabin (max 2 persons per cabin).

Extra lokal costs: 250 euro per person + shared expenses for diesel, harbour fees and shoppings.

The skipper will be kept free from shared expenses.


See the Sea Sisters Sailing page for foto’s, questions and experiences.

 kampvuur Jeltje aan het roer