Berth charters with sy ‘Annabel’


Expedition “Annabel” spring 2021

After 30 years of sailing mainly around Corfu skipper Peter Kraan will take our Bavaria 44  “Annabel” on a longer trip down south to Zakinthos and the Peleponessos. Each traject can be booked as an individual or with your own little group of maximum 6 persons.
There are 2 (or if needed 3) cabins for passengers available.
Peter will stay on board as the skipper. Those who know him can imagine the relaxed athmospere that he can create to make this holiday as a wonderful sailing experience, taking care of every detail. Sailing, exploring new coasts, good fresh Greek food, enjoying the sunset, nature and time for cultural trips. And the fun of good company to share it with.


*You may rent the whole ship with skipper, 2 or 3 cabins.
*You can join in as a passenger and rent a cabin alone or with 2 persons.
The larger luxurious front cabin has a big two persons bed with good quality matrasses, plenty of shelves for you personal belongings and a private shower/toilet. This cabin is more expensive than the smaller back cabin with also a double bed, but less space and a shared shower/toilet with the other back cabin. For a single passenger this cheaper cabin would be the best solution.
All cabins have an electric fan and 12V USB charging points.
The skipper lives in the starboard back cabin. On request this cabin can also be rented for lager groups, or more single passengers who want their privacy. The skipper will than sleep in the saloon.
When your crew is 4 to 5 persons you rent the whole yacht and may use the front and back cabin and the bed in the saloon. On request you can use the second back cabin ass well, but it will be more expensive.


There are 4 trajects (see price tabel). The first and last day of each traject are fixed, so you can find convenient flights. For the rest the route is free to the wishes of the crew. Long sailingdays…. a day of rest for a walk…. everything is possible. With Zakinthos as a base ‘Annabel’ can sail to the Peleponesos or visit the other islands in the South Ionian Sea.
total yacht
(2 cabins)
total yacht
(3 cabins)
1/5 – 8/5 Corfu – Corfu 1.650 1.100 2.750 3.150
8/5 – 19/5 Corfu – Zakinthos  2.550 1.800 4.350 4.850
19/5 – 31/5 Zakinthos – Zakinthos  3.300 booked
31/5 – 12/6 Zakinthos – Corfu booked booked
It is possible to book one or more trajects. Spring is the perfect time for longer sailing trips. Not one traject will be the same. There is always enough to explore.
Extra local costs (to be paid at check in)
*Marina fee 125 euro per hut. Inclusive end cleaning, bedding & towels and marina fee for the first and last night.
*Diesel, food shopping, harbour fee during the trip etc.
*The skipper will be kept free of the local costs.
Sailed with ISA before:                  5% korting
Two trajects:                                   5% korting
Three trajects:                              15% korting
Annabel onder zeil  Relaxen in de schaduw