The holiday

A lovely breeze in the sails. Dive overboard in the middle of the sea, float, bob up and down, swim, let yourself be pulled along by a yacht over the softly humming waves at her stern.

Dolphins at portside. A tranquil bay with wide beaches. A herd of goats graze between flowering cacti.

Moor in a small fishing port. Terraces are waiting on the quay, bathed in the red glow of the setting sun.

The menu: fresh lobster and white Greek wine.

lekker windje

The sailing area

On one side the green island Corfu. Ancient villages, farms, hills, beaches, friendly harbours.

On the other side the mainland of Greece, mountains, bays, more harbours, ouzo and hospitality.

In between, the eternally blue Ionian Sea. Beautiful islands such as Paxos, Anti Paxos and Mourtos/Sivota. And more southwards Lefkas, Keffalonia, Meganissi…. Sunny and sub-tropical.

The sea: sheltered but still open. Safe and at the same time full of adventure. Here, every day brings a view of a new shore.

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briefing in Lakka

The flotilla

In the morning a captain’s meeting.

“Where shall we go”, “how shall we do it”? Then – after a cup of freshly brewed coffee – you plot your own route, plan your own trip.

Navigation is easy because you can see the whole coastline. The flagship with its experienced crew is always nearby, easily summoned – a very safe feeling.

Standing out against the horizon are the other ships of the flotilla. You have contact via the marine telephone. Towards the evening you meet up at the mooring place.

Lingering dinners in good company, long conversations until the last waves have died down.

Bare boat

The more experienced sailor may want a more individual adventure. He or she can crew a bare boat. Alone with boat, wind, water, and in an excellent sailing area.

You can travel a long distance in the Ionian Sea. You just chart your own course for a couple of weeks. The yacht has all the facilities you need.

You can anchor where and when you want. You know that, if necessary, the leader of the flotilla still can advise and assist you.

Hire a Friendship 33 or larger.

Bare Boat renting is possible the whole year, in July and August only from Saturday till Saturday.